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The iAbacus™ was created by
John Pearce and Daniel O'Brien

John Pearce MA, Dip Ed, Cert Ed.Senior School Improvement Adviser

John Pearce

John Pearce is a popular and successful freelance consultant, writer and speaker working across education, business and community. Equally effective working with individuals, within an organisation, or in a conferences setting, John provides high quality support for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to clarify their purpose, plan and evaluate for impact and build the capacity of colleagues. He is a recognised expert in self-evaluation and professional development.

John and the iAbacus:

John says, "I'd been using the abacus process for years. Then I met Dan. Collaborating with Dan and OPEUS has been an education itself and has led to the iAbacus - the embodiment of all I have learnt about self-evaluation and improvement planning in a range of fields. The first iAbacus focuses on education. We will be developing business and healthy living versions soon!"


After a successful teaching and advisory career John became Deputy Chief Inspector in Nottinghamshire and was one of the first Ofsted Inspectors to be trained. He left the Advisory and Inspection Service and started JP Consultancy in 1998 building his reputation by working alongside colleagues in challenging schools and Children’s Services across the UK. Expanding his educational focus, in 2004, he now runs a nationally recognised consultancy incorporating his business experience in restoration, publishing and consultancy.


John has supported many “Special Measures” and “Notice to Improve” secondary, primary and special schools, and challenged many outstanding teachers, leaders, schools to sustain improvement. In the last ten years he has been: Head teacher; Lead Facilitator and Evaluator for National College leadership programmes; Regional curriculum adviser and designed development projects and training packages for a wide variety of clients across the UK. In 2012 John led the development programme for “System Leaders” in one of the new “Super Local Education Authorities” in Wales. He remains Lead Associate for the Association of Professionals in Education and Children’s Trusts

Business and Community:

John has provided highly regarded national training courses on business development for consultants for over 500 clients in eight years. His business start-up mentoring is complemented by work in the third sector and local community. He sits on the Advisory Board for TheDay on-line Newspaper and leads projects as panel member, or chairman, of several local, national and international charitable groups and trusts.

John is regularly described as inspirational, practical and sensitive. He has a great sense of humour and an enthusiasm for a healthy, work-life balance - all strengthened by wider interests including writing, blacksmithing and mountain climbing.


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Daniel O'BrienFounding Director of OPEUS Education

Daniel O'Brien

Daniel O’Brien established OPEUS in 1999 to provide web-based software to enhance teaching, learning and leadership. He works closely with educators at all levels, listening carefully to their needs and understanding their context. This care allows Daniel and the team at OPEUS to design distinctive solutions that blend simplicity and ease-of-use with power and functionality.

Daniel is described by those who work with him as a down-to-earth realist, with a true passion for new technology and its effective use in education. An education expert recently said, "Daniel, really understands schools, students and learning - he is no geek but, my goodness, he knows how to make technology work for us".

Daniel and the iAbacus:

Daniel sees the iAbacus as a perfect example of his passion for using technology to facilitate the educational process. He says, "John and I combined our energies and passion to seek a simple technical solution to the complex educational issues within self-evaluation and improvement planning in schools".


As the creator of one of the first electronic portfolio systems in 1999 Daniel is regarded as a pioneer in the pedagogical use of internet technology - a trend which has continued over the years as he created virtual learning environments, curriculum mapping tools, class-blogging systems, online resource directories and web 2.0 teaching tools. All of these have been rolled out in hundreds of schools, colleges and universities across the world.

Current work:

As a "hands-on" Director at OPEUS - Daniel leads a team of education technologists in the start-to-finish process of product design, development and delivery. He collaborates closely with a number of key educational professionals who contribute to the “outer team” involved with OPEUS.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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