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Be confident that your school governance is
strategic, robust and effective.

The iAbacus is an easy-to-use, interactive self-evaluation and improvement planning tool that will help your governing body look at what they do now - with a view to doing it better.

The iAbacus step-by-step approach will support your governing body as they...

Demonstrate “strong and highly effective governance” in line with latest Ofsted expectations

“Without strong and effective governance, our schools simply won’t be as good as they can be.”

Sir Michael Wilshaw, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Ofsted , NGA Conference (June 2012)

Use Ofsted criteria which gives an understanding of how governance will be judged in the future

The iAbacus utilises Ofsted evaluation criteria so that the governing body is better able to understand its strengths and weaknesses and the basis upon which it will be judged in subsequent monitoring visits and inspections

Record evidence that clearly shows what ‘outstanding’ governance looks like in your school

The iAbacus can be used collaboratively with an experienced chair of governors, national leader of governance (NLG) or a national leader of education (NLE) to bring independent expertise, objectivity, rigour, support and challenge to the process.

Collaborate with others to bring expertise, objectivity, support and challenge to the process

Create evidence-based plans showing how governance will boost pupil and school performance

Save money by spending only £200 compared to £600-£1200 for a one-off external review

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