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The iAbacus™ Process for

Performance Management and Appraisal.

Using the iAbacus™ Process ensures that your school:

  • Provides a straightforward appraisal process that complements existing policies.
  • Builds staff morale and motivation with an approach they value and trust.
  • Exceeds Ofsted’s expectation for appraisal that drives school improvement.
  • Equips appraisers with all they need to conduct consistent and fair appraisals.
  • Helps teachers set objectives in-line with your school improvement plan.
  • Respected.

    Based on 40 years research.

    The iAbacus™ is based on the experience and research of John Pearce. It uses proven techniques developed during 40 years of working with teachers and senior leaders.

  • Teacher-centric.

    Put teachers in control.

    The iAbacus™ keeps teachers at the centre of their performance management, allowing them to self-evaluate, self-appraise and manage their own professional development.

  • Interactive.

    Touch, slide, drag and drop!

    The iAbacus™ is a visual tool which engages teachers with an interactive and kinaesthetic approach to self-evaluation and improvement planning.

  • Collaborative.

    Appraiser to Appraisee

    The iAbacus™ allows teachers to collaborate and invite others to contribute to their professional development.

  • Powerful.

    Share important information.

    The iAbacus™ helps teachers create detailed appraisal reports and professional development documents to share with others.

  • Customisable

    Any structure, any criteria!

    The iAbacus™ is completely customisable and can be tailored with any form of criteria to suit any type of evaluation.

  • Respected
  • Teacher Centric
  • Interactive
  • Collaborative
  • Powerful
  • Customisable

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