How does it work? It's simple...

Add content on the left and tasks on the right - then learners login and respond with bubbles. When the session is over - export everything.

ClassBubbles provides all the online tools necessary to create, deliver and share a session on any subject.

CREATING a session....

Teachers (or facilitators) setup online sessions where they assemble digital learning content, add corresponding tasks, then invite learners to respond with tweet-like messages called “bubbles”. Teachers give each session a unique web-address, which they share verbally in the classroom; email to learners; send by text; or publish in a learning environments such as moodle. Teachers use a wysiwyg editor to add learning content to a session. This includes text; pictures; embedded video clips or presentations; links to external websites; and attached documents or downloads. The same wysiwyg editor is used to add corresponding tasks to a session. These are in the form of questions; surveys; prompts for discussion; or detailed challenges.

Summary of benefits:

  • Set up a new session in seconds using a short form.
  • Publish each session to a simple, unique web address.
  • Protect a session with a unique security key.
  • Quickly add session content and tasks with an easy-to-use wysiwyg editor.
  • Enhance session content by embedding video and multimedia resources.
  • Link to or embed external web pages, videos and slideshows.
  • Extend session content by attaching files for learners to download.
  • Re-use existing learning resources by automatically converting them to session content.
  • Save time by using pre-designed session templates created by colleagues or other providers.

DELIVERING a session.....

Learners access each session by going to the assigned web address and choosing a login name and password. These login details remain active for the duration of the session. Learners use any form of web-enabled device to respond to tasks. Posting bubbles which include a combination of text, photos, hyperlinks, attached documents, videos and sound files. Learners also use mobile phones and iPods to record audio-visual content which is sent as an attachment to a random email address assigned to as task. (The content and attachment is automatically converted to a bubble.) Teachers motivate learners by providing feedback, adding comments and giving individual bubbles a ‘star rating’. If learners post abusive content in their bubbles, these are quickly deleted - or the learner blocked completely. During a real-time session, count-down timers are used to keep learners focussed and ‘on task’. For homework or distance-based learning - these are used as reminders for approaching deadlines.

Summary of benefits:

  • No need to create learners accounts, they do it ‘on-the-fly’ and it remains active.
  • Keep learners in-sync during real-time sessions by locking their screens.
  • Maintain focus with attention grabbing countdown-timers.
  • Set visual deadline reminders for distance based learning.
  • Enable learners to respond with text, photos, videos, sound-clips, hyperlinks and file attachments.
  • Allow learners to post bubbles using notebooks, tablets, mobile devices,and iPods.
  • Extend usage by allowing learners to respond by email (including audio, video attachments).
  • Display dynamically created pie-charts based on learner responses.
  • Provide instant feedback and star-rate learner responses.
  • Quickly block learners and remove unwanted messages.

SHARING a session....

When a ClassBubbles session is finished - all the content, tasks and learners bubbles can be printed - or exported to downloadable zip file.

Summary of benefits:

  • Export the entire session as a printable pdf or downloadable zip file.
  • Choose to export responses made by in individual learners.
  • Create zip files containing all files submitted by learners.
  • Redistribute session content by saving it as a template.

Technical features and benefits

ClassBubbles can be used anytime, anywhere, using any modern web-browser, on any platform. It fully supports iOS devices such as the iPad and iPad Mini without the need to download additional "Apps". There is also a minimised, HTML5, touch-based interface available for iOS/Android mobile devices. With bespoke single sign-on modules it can also be integrated into a school’s existing virtual learning platform, or managed learning environment.

ClassBubbles is hosted on our dedicated, ultra-fast, secure and firewalled web-servers where all data is virus protected and backed up regularly. Network administrators and users do not need to download, install or re-configure anything on their local network, computer or device.

ClassBubbles is also available as a 'white labelled' version which can be located on an alternative domain name and re-branded to suit a specific group of schools e.g. academy chains, federations, families of schools.

Primary and secondary schools use ClassBubbles across the whole curriculum

Colleges and universities use ClassBubbles to deliver engaging lectures

Organisations use ClassBubbles to deliver engaging training to their employees.