• iAbacus - Self-evaluation and improvement planning for schools and teachers


    The interactive, step-by-step process for
    self-evaluation and improvement planning.

    • The Professional Development Tool for performance management and appraisal.
    • The School Improvement Tool for self-evaluation and strategic planning.
  • ClassBubbles - An interactive teaching tool (based on twitter) which engages learners


    An interactive and engaging teaching tool which blends Wikis, WebQuests and Twitter

    • Engage learners as they respond with tweet-like messages in real-time sessions which are fun and fast-paced.
    • Reach learners anytime, anywhere with asynchronous sessions which are exciting and encourage participation.
  • GridMaker - A simple and effective mapping tool for capturing evidence of teaching and learning


    A web-based system for mapping evidence of teaching and learning.

  • PortfolioMaker


    A bespoke system for creating and managing electronic portfolios.

  • ClassBlogger


    A safe and simple system designed for blogging in the classroom.

  • Newsletter Builder


    A time saving tool that enables teachers to contribute to the school newsletter.

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